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Project nameProject URLRoleDescription
Parallel Programming: Optimizing Seam CarvingGoogle Drive
Google Colab
Project LeaderWe optimized the seam carving algorithm using CUDA.

Completed Project A-Z

Project nameProject URLRoleDescription
The Health Services Feescharges_regression_analysisProject Leader
Statistical Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents
In The UK
Road-Traffic-Statistics-UK-Data-Analytics-ProjectProject LeaderWe use “Road Safety Data” provided by to analyze, find important insights, and give solutions to help reduce accidents.
Shoppe Men Fashion Historical Sold Predict (My first Data Science Project)Shoppe Men Fashion Historical Sold Predict Project LeaderWe use Shopee’s API to crawl data from Shopee and then process this, making a Machine Learning pipeline to predict how many sold an item can have based on its feature.

Data visualization

Project nameProject URLRoleDescription
Covid-19 Data VisualizationCovid-19-Data-Analytics-ProjectProject LeaderWe visualize and analyze data about Covid-19 in one day.
Cheating Score Visualizationproject-visualization-cheating-scoreProject LeaderWe visualize score data collected from the National high school exam 2018. From these plots, we show there is a high possibility that this data has a cheat score.

Focus on Analysis, Statistical

Project nameProject URLRoleDescription
Vietnamese Food Nutrition AnalysisVietnamese-Food-Nutrition-AnalysisProject LeaderWe want to introduce Vietnamese food and its nutrition to foreigners. So we use Vietnamese food data from the Ministry of Health of Vietnam to visualize and analyze it.

Data Processing

Project nameProject URLRoleDescription
PrepareImage – Custom Your Our Image DatasetPrepareImage – Custom Your Our Image DatasetProject LeaderFlexible and Easy. We perform a package that helps you build your own image dataset. Primarily, it’s easy to add your own prepare function.

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List My GitHub Repository About Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
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